Fireplaces can be a great addition to any home. They provide warmth, comfort, and an inviting atmosphere for family gatherings. But, if you have a fireplace, make sure you have the right tools and accessories to keep it in good condition. Here is a list of essential fireplace tools and accessories that every homeowner should have.

Fireplace Poker

A fireplace poker is a useful tool for managing your fire. It can help stoke the flames or rearrange logs to ensure the fire burns evenly. A poker can also help you to adjust the damper safely so air flows freely through the chimney.

Firewood Storage

An iron rack or basket is an essential accessory for any fireplace owner. It provides a convenient place to store logs until they are ready to be burned. The basket should be near the fireplace so you can easily add more fuel to the fire.

Essential Fireplace Tools: Andirons

Andirons are essential fireplace tools in use for hundreds of years. They are usually made from cast iron and have two feet with a crossbar between them. Andirons support the firewood and keep it off the floor of your fireplace. Using andirons properly will contribute to a clean-burning fire that produces more heat than smoke.

To use andirons, place them on either side of your fireplace where you plan to build a fire. Place logs over the top of the andiron crossbar, allowing plenty of space between each log for air circulation. Use kindling or newspaper underneath the wood to get the fire started quickly.

Ash Shovel

An ash shovel scoops ashes from your firebox after the fire has gone out. This tool helps keep your firebox clean and free from debris, which prevents fires from starting accidentally due to the buildup of combustible materials in the firebox. Make sure you use an ash shovel with non-combustible material like stainless steel or brass – never use a shovel made of flammable materials like plastic or wood.

A Fireplace Screen is an Essential Tool for Safety

Fireplace screens protect against sparks flying out into your room and help keep children away from the flames. Many styles of fireplace screens are available on the market today. Some are decorative, while others are basic in design – but all provide safety and peace of mind while enjoying your fireplace.

Having the right tools and accessories makes a difference in owning and maintaining a safe, enjoyable fireplace experience in your home. From pokers for adjusting logs to ash shovels for cleaning up, these essential items will make life easier and help keep everyone safe around the hearth.

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