When purchasing a home, it’s common to schedule an inspection before closing. This service is paid for by the buyer and gives them an opportunity to learn about any problems with the house. After the inspection, the buyer receives a comprehensive report that details the findings. This allows the buyer to move forward with the sale, possibly renegotiating the price or requesting that the seller make repairs depending on what’s in the report. Here are a few reasons to order an inspection.

The Benefits of a Buyer’s Home Inspection

Because the buyer has to pay for the inspection, this may be a service they are tempted to skip. However, there are several reasons to hire a professional to assess the property.

Order an Inspection to Predict Future Home Expenses

A home inspection report gives you information on the condition of your home. For example, a home inspector can take a look at the roof and provide you with notes on its condition and expected lifespan. If the inspector finds that components need to be repaired or replaced, he or she will mention that in the inspection report.

Identifying problems and concerns helps you plan for the future. You can better budget for repairs and upgrades when you know the condition of systems and components in the home you are buying.

Find Structural Problems

A home with structural problems often requires costly repairs. Order an inspection to discover foundation and framing issues. If the house has severe termite damage, it may even be dangerous to inhabit.

Even if the home is safe, the inspector may tell you that there are some concerns. Poor construction practices and the use of shoddy or defective materials can lead to bigger problems down the road. If major issues are found, you can walk away from the sale or negotiate for repairs to be made before closing.

Get a Good Value

Don’t overpay for a house. The home inspector won’t estimate what the home is worth but the information in the inspection report can help you decide if the price is right for you. If the home is brand new and needs only minor repairs, you may be getting a fair price.

However, if there is a long list of major repairs and safety issues, consider your budget before committing to the purchase. Overpaying for a property that needs significant work might not be the best investment for your family.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When You Order a Home Inspection

If no major problems are found, the inspection report will give you peace of mind that you’re buying a safe and well-built home. Expect that some minor issues may be present. Even brand new construction homes will have problems such as scuffs on the floor or appliances not being leveled properly. Most homeowners don’t mind some small repairs. Take a look at the home inspection report to gain a solid understanding of the property you’re buying.

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