Spring is here, and many homeowners around the country are preparing to clean up their houses to welcome warmer weather and longer days. As you are putting together your spring cleaning checklist, use these tips to prepare your home for spring so you don’t miss anything.

Check Your Roof to Prepare for Spring

As you prepare your home for spring, hire an inspector to check your roof during a home maintenance inspection. Throughout the winter, your roof experiences a great deal of strain due to the weight of ice and snow.

When you are gearing up for plenty of spring showers, it’s essential to check your roof for any signs of missing shingles, holes, or damage that should be repaired to prevent water from entering your house.

Replace All of Your Filters to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Most people know to change their HVAC filters at least once a quarter so that they will efficiently remove hair, dust, dirt, and other debris from the air. However, as you prepare your home for spring, change and clean other filters around your house. Air purifier filters, range hood filters, water filters, and others should all be swapped out so that they perform as efficiently as possible.

Deep Clean Your Faucets and Showerheads for Spring

Your faucets and showerheads get dirty over the year, especially if you have high levels of minerals in your water or hard water. When you prepare your home for spring, clean and soak all the showerheads and faucets around your house. If you can’t remove the hardware entirely, tie a bag filled with warm water and vinegar around the head for an hour or so before rinsing and scrubbing it clean.

Clean Your Gutters as You Prepare for Spring

Gutters are critical to keeping your home dry during the spring months when there is a lot of rain, as they funnel water away from your property and your home’s siding and foundation.

As you prepare your home for spring, make sure that your gutters are free from debris like leaves, sticks, yard waste, and anything else that is present. Once you scoop out your gutters, use a garden hose to rinse them thoroughly and check for any gaps or cracks that need repairs before spring and summer rains. 

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