When preparing to put your house on the market, you might want to increase its value ahead of time. Perhaps you plan on living in the home for a while but prefer to invest in remodeling that makes your house appealing for eventual resale. When exploring your options, keep in mind these home improvement projects with a low ROI.

Projects With a Low ROI: Building a Sunroom

If you enjoy plants and don’t have an existing deck or porch, one solution is to install a sunroom. Four-season rooms, sunrooms, and solariums make it easier to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. Plants thrive in a sunroom with plenty of light. While you might enjoy this investment, you can only expect to see about 50% of their cost reflected in the house’s value. If you want an option to soak up the sun that does improve home value, install a deck or patio instead.

Designing a Customized Hobby Space

If you have a hobby, like quilting or woodburning, you might enjoy a space to practice your craft. However, don’t expect the creation of a hobby room to improve the worth of your home. Anything that permanently modifies the structure or usability of a room narrows the pool of prospective buyers, as it will need to be remodeled to meet the new owner’s needs.

Pools and Hot Tubs Are Home Improvement Projects With a Low ROI

Adding a hot tub or swimming pool seems a good idea, especially if you frequently entertain family and friends in the summer. However, these home improvement projects are costly to install and maintain. An in-ground pool costs up to $50,000, and any prospective homebuyer would need to be prepared to cover the costs of maintenance, water, treatment supplies, and the fence.

A Luxe Bathroom Remodel

Most people enjoy spa-size tubs on vacation and the luxe amenities that hotels offer. However, adding those to your home may not be the best idea. A high-end bathroom project is expensive to install and use, as water and energy bills will increase. Instead of installing marble flooring and whirlpool tubs, scale your bathroom remodel down. Instead, update the paint color, swap out old plumbing fixtures, and install better lighting.

Textured Ceilings and Walls

For a long time, popcorn ceilings and textured walls were in fashion. While you might still love yours, adding them may decrease the value of your home. Textured ceilings and walls are challenging and time-consuming to remove if the next homeowner wants something different. If you decide to install a textured ceiling or bold wallpaper, plan on returning the area to a more traditional look before listing.

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