Reducing energy use in the home is essential. You’ll conserve resources and save money. If your utility bill is more expensive than you would like, here are a few ways to save energy at home.

Inexpensive Ways to Save Energy at Home

Turning off lights is free and easy. Using natural daylight is easier on the eyes than artificial light. Rearrange furniture to place desks near windows and choose to do your desk work during the day so you won’t need a lamp.

In summer, sunlight can heat your home unnecessarily if you don’t have the right curtains. During the hottest part of the day, close the curtains. Black-out or thermal curtains are best. Keep the interior of your home cool without using air conditioning. 

Open the curtains in winter to let the sun warm your living spaces and lower the heating bill.

Water Heater

Washing your laundry in cool water reduces energy costs, like hanging the laundry out to dry. Use inexpensive folding racks to hang laundry indoors if you live in an apartment or you need to do laundry on a rainy day. Save your laundry and wait to wash until you have a full load. The same advice applies to the dishwasher; wait until the machine is full to run it.

Low flow showerheads, shorter showers, and lowering the water heater’s temperature are other ways to save energy used to heat the water.

Sealing Home to Save Energy

You will lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer via open chimneys and cracks under doors or around windows. Chimney balloons are used to seal chimneys in the summer. Install a door sweep to close the gap beneath entryway doors. Use silicone caulk to fill gaps around window and door frames and stop airflow. If you have the budget, purchase and install double-pane windows to lessen energy loss.

Unplugging Unused Electronics

Most electronics use energy even while off. Coffee makers, microwaves, and computers continue to use power as long as they are plugged into the outlet. Unplug electronics and unused appliances to prevent low-level energy drain.

Save Energy At Home Using Nature

On hot days, grill outside. You won’t be using your kitchen oven and creating residual heat for the air conditioning to combat. 

Install a solar water heater to your water line. It collects the sun’s energy and preheats the water before it reaches the water heater. In summer, your water heater may not turn on at all. In winter, taking the chill off the water as it flows into your home can save a lot on utility bills.

With a little more investment, a whole house solar system can reduce your electric bill and may return energy to the power grid. Depending on your area, you could end up being paid by the electric company for saving energy at home.

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